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Chausuyama and Kawazoko Pond

Chausuyama and Kawazoko Pond

Chausuyama was chosen by Ieyasu Tokugawa as the head-quarters for the winter siege of Osaka Castle (1614), but it is believed that before that it used to be a keyhole-shaped mound, while the Kawazoko Pond is regarded as a remnant of a moat that used to encircle it. In 1986, an archeological excavation found the remains of the buildings, which served as Ieyasu's headquarters, but the conventional theory of a giant 200 meter-long keyhole-shaped mound came to be questioned. However, that landfill erected before the Heian period was found to be very similar to those created with construction methods used in ancient tombs, so there is still a possibility that the tomb theory is right.

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